Perpetual Patterns is a writing project I’ve taken up in an attempt to explain my view of the world through a combination of poetry, prose, and inquiry. It has taken the form of a book, and I’ve self-published a paperback and Kindle version through Amazon. I’ve setup this website to allow anyone to explore the chapter content, and intend to keep all of it up here, no strings attached. Below are some questions that may help illuminate further:

Why did you write this?

I consider myself a silent observer. I love absorbing the words and actions of people around me, but very rarely discuss the results of that reflection, and certainly wouldn’t try to prattle on about the heavy issues I think this book deals with.

I feel every important thought in my brain from the past decade that I haven’t had a chance to verbalize before has been distilled into these patterns.  They wholly represent who I am and how my mind works. I’m not confident enough to say these things, but I’m stupid enough to try and write them down.

I am also of the mindset that the person who shouts the loudest and longest tends to have the least of use say. I believe in writing devoid of noise, where every word has a purpose.  I want this book (and my attempt at blogging) to reflect that standard.

What do you want me to get out of it?

One of my favorite Malcolm Gladwell quotes is from the introduction of What the Dog Saw:

“Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade… It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head — even if in the end you conclude that someone else’s head is not a place you’d really like to be.”

I would love for this work to make you look at the world from a slightly different perspective, or stimulate you to express your own thoughts and ideas. Even if you disagree with my opinions in these chapters, that’s perfectly fine. If you have started to think about something you didn’t consider before, that is a worthwhile end in itself.

What constitutes a pattern?

If I was able to think of a behavior pattern exhibited by myself or someone else, and it was sufficiently unique from the rest of the book, I chose a single word to describe it and wrote a chapter on it. The goal was to cleanly and briefly lay out food for thought concerning each of these patterns, to serve as an anchor in case you find yourself negatively being affected by one (as I have repeatedly in the past).

Curiously enough, you won’t see any anecdotal stories from my life: each excursion is meant to be a combination of logical explanation, creative expression through poetry, and reflection through questions. I’ve tried to write about these ideas in a such a way that they stand on their own and remain applicable no matter what time or situation you may come back to them in.

You also may notice the list to the left is not alphabetical. I deliberately chose the order they are presented in the book (and this website), focusing on the darker poetry and deeper issues near the end, but feel free to jump around and explore as you please.

I can see everything here! Why buy any published format?

This work is intended to be in the form of a book, and I still believe it is best consumed in that fashion. It was a decision later in the process to put all the chapter content up on this website to allow anyone to explore the patterns without a barrier to entry.

I’m very excited about the process of self-publishing, as I’ve considered this a do-it-yourself project from start to finish. I’ve published a paperback and Kindle version, and progress is being made on an audiobook. I hope all of these will bring a unique experience to the content in a portable format. If you get a chance to preview them, you decide whether it’s worth your while to purchase. Until then, explore away and feel free to send me any feedback you have!


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