I sprint down the road
The end in my sights
Momentum explodes
I veer to the right
The fork to my left
Went by in a flash
A sign up ahead
But time I don’t have
I fly through the ribbon
Exhausted and proud
Is the podium hidden?
There must be a crowd
Deserted in front
And on either side
Burnt under the sun
With hands at my eyes
You mentioned the track
Wasn’t as easy as this
I’ll trudge my way back
And see what I missed


Be aware.

It is easy to disregard the context of information and warp its meaning into something it is not. There is a tendency to try to meld your interpretation of the truth so that it facilitates reaching your own end. Your narrative reflects observations that reinforce your choices and justify your mistakes. Know that such a reality is very fragile. You will have to avoid anyone that doesn’t validate your viewpoint. You will have to ignore anyone that challenges it. It will eventually come crumbling down if you are blind to the full realities of the situation. When you are aware, and are able to articulate your awareness, more people will be receptive to your conclusions. If your honest, underlying motivation is to seek the truth and make choices not shrouded in obscurity, you should go out of your way to achieve awareness.

Details are the beating heart of anything of value. These details are guaranteed to be observed by someone, and your lack of attention troubles them. Your lack of recognizing their understanding of the details and giving weight to their opinion troubles them. It is true that it may simply not be possible to personally address everything. Being a master of details does not require you to have a thorough understanding of every aspect of every subject. A sufficient first step is to acknowledge that there are important pieces of information you may not fully grasp, and that giving credence to those who do have the understanding is worthwhile. Eliminating the noise generated by your own ambition (and the ambitions of others) is key to discovering the details that matter.

This is not to say you should succumb to your surroundings and not have a vision for what you want to get done. There is a distinct difference between being obedient and being aware. If you can pursue your goal without it becoming your narrow focus, if you can understand your environment without losing sight of that goal, these skills will complement each other and meld into a unifying talent. You should unconsciously absorb your surroundings while still giving priority to your task at hand.

All actions have consequences. When you sit on a throne of comfortability, where you are immune to the repercussions of your actions, it is easy to be blind to the cascading effect they have on others. Make sure that connection is not severed. Make sure you can not only see, but feel the consequences. Awareness is best achieved by going through the pains yourself.


Situational Questions

  • If someone explains something to you, are you able to articulate it back to them to their satisfaction? Do you try to end the conversation quickly, or persist until you have a full understanding of what they are trying to say? Are your questions geared towards extracting what you want to hear, or exploring the actual truth?
  • When you walk into an unfamiliar place do you take notice of the details around you? Are you more interested in locating things you recognize or getting accustomed with the things you don’t?
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